Policy Initiatives


Housing and Community Development

Odette has numerous years experience in housing and community development. Click here to learn more about what her plans are to ensure that we end the segregation of our neighborhoods, and ensure all families have quality affordable housing, including our seniors.


Every student deserves a world class education in Baltimore. The disparities are growing and it is not fair that some children get a better education than others in Baltimore. Click here for Odette's policy paper about how we address these disparities.


When Odette knocks on doors, water bills comes up as a concern for voters each and every time. Click here for more details on how Odette will handle this as your Councilwoman.

Public Safety

Public Safety is also a concern for many residents in our communities. Click here for more details on how Odette plan to promote public safety. (COMING SOON)

Climate Change

We can no longer ignore the impact that we have on our climate and our sustainability. Click here for Odette's policy ideas to help keep Baltimore clean.

Reform City Government

From faulty water bills, to corruption we must rethink procurement and our pay to play system. Click here for Odette's thoughts on this. 

Jobs and Economic Justice

COVID-19 has become the largest public health crisis in our lifetime. More importantly, it has caused significant economic impacts in our various neighborhoods, and deepened the wide disparities. Click here for Odette's COVID response and recovery.